Kin is an 8 part contemporary crime drama set in Dublin, Ireland. We were approached during the later stages of the edit to pitch on a title sting for the series, and really enjoyed undertaking the development process with the team on the possibilities for this beautiful drama.

Style Frames

With access to the episodes which were close to lock, we dove into the series and pulled a range of references which felt we could lean into for the title. From here, we researched, and then started playing! We explored two key creatives during this development, Luxe and Fervor.

For Fervor, this concept was a more eclectic approach. Grounded again within the family dynamic, we have explored the iconography of the snake (as featured in the series and as the thematic representation). We were interested in the creature in varying forms, in a state of attack with an entity unlike their own, in an aggressive stance with their own kin, in a position of cradling and strangling the lettering, and finally as a more subtle backdrop to the title itself. The style of our snake is leaning towards a more stylistic, art deco inspired approach to sit within the series aesthetic.

For Luxe, we wished to explore the incredibly rich palette of the series. We were enamoured with the complexity of this richness, which felt important in underpinning the thematic dynamic of family. We wanted also to play with lighting here, our title treatments emerging from this darkness, through hints of gold threads or fractured letterings.

Luxe was the preferred treatment from the team for further development.

Animation Development

We took the initial concept and worked with the wonderful 3D artist Shaun Bowden in breathing life into the concept art. We were playing here specifically with lighting, textures and timings – the latter of great importance as the title is only revealed from the growth of the golden threads.



The team decided on a different route for the completed series, however we thoroughly enjoyed the developmental process and was wonderful to see the series so warmly received!