The Big Picture 

In every project we take on, we believe in the project wholeheartedly. Once we’re in, we are hook, line and sinker. Committed. Often we’re coming on board years after those initial development stages, and we are inhaling those well-thumbed treatments. We actively want to immerse ourselves. We’re not looking to create surface meaningless bubble gum imagery, there’s enough of that floating around instagram, usually in soft pastels. We’re looking to deep dive. We want to get passionate. Commit. Be horrified. Lost. Enamoured. Sunk. 

Joyous Artists = Joyous Clients 

And while our passion to our work is unbridled, we actively maintain that our employees are just as important as our clients. Our studio is purpose-driven and we are committed to our position as a socially responsible mission-led company. Our primary focus is effectively balancing people, planet and profitability. 

We believe in work/life balance, and breaking the glorification of over working. At six daily, our mice retire and our wacom pens are lowered. Competent planning, effective client relations and thorough work practises allow us to maintain this balance without compromising on delivering exceptional work. 

We believe in transparent work practises. We don’t offer thinly veiled corporate strategies like free lunches so that artists work through their lunch break. We insist on substandard cheese toasties (okay let’s admit, work from home lunchings need a little inspiration). In addition to this, we recognise the requirements of life. We don’t dictate your lunch breaks, and then over run them with meetings. Your life, this work, our balance. 

We also don’t believe in employee segregation. As a boutique, we are gifted without borders between departments. When we’re idea generating, or considering proposals – we believe in all voices, where we can have a truly valuable discussion without ego and hierarchy. 

Moving Forward 

Our longer term strategies are ambitious. We’re looking to enhance our diversity commitment, specifically in internships and mentoring.

We’re also aligning ourselves with B Corp philosophies with the longer term endeavour of certifying. We would love to certify, to give us the opportunity of quantifiable improvements and holistic goal setting with accountability. We believe passionately in the transformation of standardised industry practises which put clients needs above all else, at all costs to human physical and mental well being.

We’ve started this process by choosing to bank with a B Corp bank, and running our Diversity Placement Scheme (more on this below.)

We want to be actively part of facilitating this change, and that starts with us. Here. Now.

Our pledge to Socially Minded films 

Over the years we have worked on many films with issues pertaining to social justice, and we’ve absolutely loved doing so. We would like to continue supporting film makers in the creation of these critical films, which, for many reasons, often do not receive adequate funding to support graphics budgets.

In our ongoing commitment to social justice films, we pledge to work on a socially minded film for a reduced rate, every twelve months. If your film is low budget and socially minded, please do reach out as we’d love to discuss. 

Diversity Placement Scheme 

Last year we launched our Diversity Placement scheme, offering an eight week paid part time placement working on one of film projects.

We created the scheme because we believe in diversity. Diversity of thought, identity and lived experienced is fundamental in creating a rich collection of voices who can drive meaningful creations. 

We were so overwhelmed by the incredible quantity of talented individuals whom applied, our initial offering of one placement quickly extended to two!

We were thrilled to have Yu-Ching Chiu and Ellie Bannister join our team, illustrating for one of our films.

Ellie has since joined us as a Junior Illustrator and we’re very excited to be working with her again.

Our diversity commitment also extends to our wider hiring process. We encourage applicants who identify as minoritised ethnic, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent and/or are from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a female led company, we also encourage individuals to apply who identify as women, including cis, trans and non-binary. Furthermore we encourage individuals who are parents/carers returning to the workforce and/or single parent/carers. 

We are financial supporters of the fine folk over at Art of Title. We are also involved in the Women in Film and TV E-Mentoring scheme 2021.