We came on board midway during the edit, for Greg Barker’s narrative 4 part series for Showtime, Ghosts of Beirut. The series visits the true-life pursuit of the shadowy Hezbollah mastermind Imad Mughniyeh.

We worked closely with Greg in developing a look and approach for the graphical elements which worked with the drama elements and bridged the few documentary moments. It was important to Greg that our typographical approach was minimalist, and provided information as necessary without drawing attention to itself.

Across the 4 episodes, we delivered to the LA based edit, around twenty sequences and a number of typographical elements. We also created a sting, with episode cards. See reel of the project below, with specifics breakdown thereafter >



In the third episode, we created a sequence which provided a narrative bridge across time – as there was a time shift between the second and third episodes. We were provided with a rough edit and then used with alongside our own imagery to create a narrative guide across the bridging years. We also used several devices to give the viewer insight into the main character, and to further establish his role within the terrorist organisation.

Title Sting

As the trend for stings, as opposed to full length sequences, continues to grow – we created a sting for this series also. We were focussed here on the idea of Imad being hidden, difficult to source and track, the ghost. We then followed each sting with an episode card, designed to drop at the back of the title.


We explored a variety of avenues for the series, and settled on a direct over sized approach, coloured with the landscape of our locations within the series.

We were thrilled to be working with the team on this film, was a pleasure to work on!

Titles and Motion Design by: Past Curfew

Design Director: Allison Brownmoore

Motion Producer: Lucy Witts

Designers:   John Quinn, Kevin Smy, Sylvain Doussa, Callum Welch