We were approached by director Ursula Macfarlane in the early stages of the London based edit, having worked previously together on the Weinstein film, Untouchable.

It was a pleasure to collaborate again on this incredible Netflix film, an unflinching and humanizing examination of the life, death, and secrets of Vickie Lynn Hogan – better known as model and actress Anna Nicole Smith.

We worked on the film for circa 3 months, designing a title sequence and several in film newspaper articles.


Title Sequence

With the title sequence, it was important for us to consider an approach which celebrated Anna Nicole as a holistic individual, and not lean into the ‘public persona’ which has always circulated around her.

Our animation hinted at the conflict of what was seen and what was unseen, and transitionary moments between cards revealed additional imagery which closed as the next card arrived on screen. This provided a sense of limiting, squashing, concealing.


The creative approach with the newspapers was to embed them within the shot, with a stylised aesthetic. We designed these throughout the film, and tracked them into the relevant shot, focusing on ease of comprehension.

We were thrilled to be working with the team on this film, was a pleasure to work on!

Titles and Motion Design by: Past Curfew

Design Director: Allison Brownmoore

Motion Producer: Lucy Witts

Designers:   Kevin Smy, Sylvain Doussa