We were thrilled to work closely with director Nanfu Wang on In the Same Breath for HBO, which premiered at Sundance 2021. 

Allison design directed the film with studio, Blue Spill. She came on board for the final months prior to picture lock, working closely with Nanfu to develop a style for the film which felt native to her well established style of documentary story telling.

We looked at exploring the possibilities of the graphical footprint on the film being minimised, keeping our focus on the narrative and underplaying the graphical involvement.

We delivered over 25 graphical elements, including the title card, photo treatments and recreations of computer desktops and online worlds.

Studio: Blue Spill

Design Director: Allison Brownmoore

Flame Artist: Anthony Brownmoore

Designers: Joe Nowacki, Linda Scerpella, Kevin Smy

Production Team: Lucy Beavis, James Edwards