Working with Passion Pictures and Red Box Films, Allison Brownmoore designed the title sequence for Bond, Everything or Nothing. She was brought on board during the edit, having worked with director Stevan Riley previously on the Grierson award winning, Fire in Babylon. 

Stevan discussed his concept for the sequence, which involved seeing each ‘Bond’ through a gun barrel, and then pulling wide to see them all. She spent some time reviewing the original films to ascertain whether the sequence could be achieved technically. As the films span decades, this resulted in varying processes, techniques and styles, all of which needed to be composited seamlessly into one shot. And despite access to the Bond archives, she was unable to gain access to the raw files.  

Working with Smoke artist Anthony Brownmoore, they then used the 2K final film plates and roto-ed each Bond out of their original gun barrel. This presented some challenges as the Bonds walked at varying speeds and thus were revealed within the barrel at varying points – however they were able to manipulate the footage (and time the movement of our own gun barrel) into a seamless sequence.

Allison was a little nervous about how fans would respond to the sequence, as they’re quite renowned at being expressive in their views, however the title sequence was received very warmly. It has since been used widely across the internet, and features on the Bond gun barrel wiki.


Further to the title sequence, she also designed over fifty shots and sequences within the film (including an additional 100 graded rostrums).

Design Director: Allison Brownmoore

Smoke Artist: Anthony Brownmoore