Showcased work created at Blue Spill

Having worked with director Ursula Macfarlane and editor Andy Worboys previously, Allison was involved early during the editing process for initial conversations. As the cut developed we became more involved, designing several in film sequences for the film with studio Blue Spill. The film premiered at Sundance 2019.

Our early conversations with Urusula were directed around her thoughts for how she wanted to approach the film aesthetically. She was interested in old Hollywood glamour, black and white, simple, but classic and cinematic. At that stage the cut was all black and white, which later changed. The core of our work in the film would be concentrated in two areas, newspapers and twitter/text sequences. We wanted to explore a very dramatic feel to the newspapers. These weren’t splashy headlines, these were a very integral part of the narrative. We wanted to sit with them in that state, and feel the almost ominous power of them. Similarly, the twitter and text sequences needed to hold gravity. These were incredibly defining moments, and needed to be weighty, but also very elegant and cinematic.

Studio: Blue Spill

Design Director: Allison Brownmoore

Flame Artist: Anthony Brownmoore

Lead Designer: Joe Nowacki

Designer: Chris Caswell