Showcased work created at Blue Spill

Collaborating on Amazon’s Andy Murray: Resurfacing was a pleasure, Allison was approached early in the edit to work with the edit team to find graphical solutions to aid narrative functionality.

Our two main areas of focus were finding a visual language to depict Andy’s medical condition, and also throughout the opening sequence to give viewers a background to Andy’s career, particularly in relation to time. One of the former sequences was as per the link above, where we needed to provide the viewer with information explaining his medical condition. We wanted this to feel authentic and personal. We took real images from his condition, and encased these within an aesthetic which felt genuine but also adhered to the overall aesthetic of the film.

Regarding the time device employed in the opening sequence, we were wishing to avoid an overly graphical timeline. As such we employed a device using vision to indicate time passing. We further used this device to embed crafted headline overlays to aid the narrative function without relying on voice over to guide viewers.

Our aesthetic for the film, guided by director Olivia Cappuccini, was to feel clean and modern with an understated elegance. Working with studio, Blue Spill on the film, we delivered a title sequence, medical explainers, newspapers and lower thirds to the London based edit.

Studio: Blue Spill

Design Director: Allison Brownmoore

Flame Artist: Anthony Brownmoore

Lead Designer: Joe Nowacki

Designers: Chris Caswell